Layers of Abstraction

Written by Brian Dunstan

To the tune of: She's Always a Woman to Me, by Billy Joel

She can crash with a bit, she can stop with a bracket
She won't speak of errors, she compiles just in time
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She's been hacked and beguiled, but she's always abstraction to me

Oh..... she's not onto herself...
She can rewrite if she wants... her grammar's context-free
Oh... and she never breaks code
And she never adds wrong, as long we pay Intel its fee

She can show you logic, she can make you reason with 'go-to'
She'll tell you the truth with electricity
And she'll take in you input as long as it's Boolean
Yes she's a mechanical grief but she's always abstraction to me.


And she'll give you a promise for infinite streams,
Then she'll trip up your checksum and crash without feeling
But she'll be the most fun and most pain to hack in, you'll see
Blame it all on yourself cause she's always abstraction to me.


She's usually stable but can't tell when she'll halt
She behaves as she's programmed it's never her fault
But she can do almost anything, she's Turing Complete
And the most she will do is throw exceptions at you 
But she's always abstraction to me.


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