Written by Walter Chang

To the tune of: Uptown Girl, by Billy Joel

I can store directly to the mem
I can allocate my own stack frames
Got assembler on my brain

I'm gonna write it in A-S-M
It'll be more fun be-cause when
As long as you want to get down low
To make it run faster than you know
I love it so

And when we code up
Drivers and subroutines
And 3D accel
And outputs to the screen

You will see it's not so tough
Just because
Wrote it up in A-S-M
Late night coffee (our house blend)
I'm sitting with all these fancy toys
Writing games for the girls and boys
I'm having fun

We never need to use the base ten
We all can count in bi-nar-y
Assembler's the language for you and me
So let us see:

And when it's running
My code is so ti-i-ight
But when it crashes
It won't look so bri-i-ight

I'll still say it's not so tough
Just because
I wrote it up
in A-S-M
Which we use every now and then
As long as we need to make it fa-ast
Writing in assembler is a blast
We make it fast

I code A-S-M
You know I love to
Code in A-S-M

My A-S-M
You know I'm in love
With my A-S-M
My A-S-M
You know I'm in love
With my A-S-M
Hack A-S-M

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