Written by Andrew Marcus

To the tune of: The Way, by Fastball

They made up their minds,
And they started slacking,
They went to bed before the sun came up that day.
An answer to eternal midnight hacking?
But they knew their social lives slowly were fading away.

What they needed right now,
Were some good algorithms,
Like the ones they'd used to decrypt RSA,
But they were messing up their internal body rhythms,
And knew that their social lives slowly were fading away.

(Anyone can see)
The code that they're writing is full of bugs,
It's always wrong, but they never say "ugh,"
They're never alert, but "Caffeine's not a drug!" they say,
(You can see the)
Lambdas, the set!'s, defines and pairs,
They won't get it done, but stop now, they don't dare,
They're in CS 212, they're happiest there today,

They asked for some clues,
To their problems from Brandon,
Answering their posts from far away,
But there was only so much help that he was lendin,'
So they knew that their social lives slowly were fading away.

"Scheme is so dumb!
I can't get this working!"
Was come upon by Eli Barzilay,
He flamed: "I bet you Emacs does it better!"
But meanwhile they watched as their social lives faded away.


The due date came near,
And they weren't close to finished,
They knew that wouldn't look good on their GPA.
So when Windows crashed, they panicked, then tried Linux,
And they knew that their social lives slowly were fading away.

They got back their grade,
In section on Monday,
"What's wrong with this?!" they asked of their TA,
They knew this wasn't going to be a fun day,
And then there's the family. What were they going to say?


They brought it that night,
To consulting in Upson,
If they got 10 points back they'd be okay.
"Why'd you take off 15 points for spelling?!"
"I'm sorry, but Ramin has told me to grade it that way."


Instrumental solo


Instrumental solo, with an ending chord.

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