Baby got Scheme

Written by Mikolaj Franaszczuk

To the tune of: Baby got back, by Sir Mix-A-Lot

[Prelude: Walter talking]
Oh my God, Emmanuel. Look at his Emacs. It is so good. It looks
like one of those text editors. Who understands those text editors?
They only use them because they seem so user-friendly. I mean, his
Emacs is just so good. It's so useful. It's just out there. Awesome,
It's just so... good.

[Eli Rapping]
I like Emacs, and I cannot lie
And you other TAs can't deny
That when an editor runs with an itty bitty font
And blank screen in your face you get sprung
I wanna turn it off though
Cause you notice that editor was Microsoft's
Even through the plastic its packed in
I can see it cause it's so thin
Oh Emacs, I wanna just use you
And Walter wants to too
My TAs tried to warn me
But those features you've got make me so horny
Ooh, user friendly
You say you wanna run for me?
Well do it, do it, cause you ain't that average program
I seen it printin', to hell with editin'
It's cool, fast, runnin like a turbo 'Vet
I'm tired of magazines, sayin' notepad is the thing
Take the average geek and ask him that:
It's gotta be Emacs
So students (yeah) students (yeah)
Does your system run Emacs (hell yeah)
So use it, use it, use it, use it
Use that cool Emacs. Eli's got Scheme.

I like 'em fast, and small
And when I'm writin' in some hall
I just can't help myself
I'm actin' like a nerdy boy
Now here's my ploy:
I wanna get you home and
Uh, multitask, uh, uh
I ain't talkin' about Windows
Those Microsoft apps are made for crows
I want 'em real nice and stable
So find that juicy system
Barzilay's in peril
Beggin' for a piece of that Perl
So I'm lookin' at new C libs
Nothing but bugs that are full o' gibs
You can keep those bugs
I'll keep my systems like Linux
A word to the CS 212 kids:
I wanna just teach ya; i won't cuss or hit ya
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna
teach 'til the break of dawn.
Baby, I got it goin' on!
A lot of kids won't like this song
'Cause those punks like to try it and quit it
But I'd rather stay and code
'Cause I'm smart, and I'm a geek
And I yearn to make a program sleek
So students (yeah) students (yeah)
Do you wanna learn from The Eli (yeah)
Turn it on, run Emacs
Even Bill Gates has to shout: Baby got Scheme

[Spoken interlude]
Yeah Baby, when it comes to editors, Gates ain't got nothin'
to do with my selection. Conjunction, negation, disjunction?
hehe, only in problem set 3!

[Rapping again]
So your girlfriend uses Notepad
Writin' texts as if it's a fad
But Notepad ain't got the features I need in my pad
My compiler don't won't none unless it's in Scheme hun
You use use letrecs or defines
But please don't use that set!
Some students wanna write that hard code
And tell you that the code is right
So they toss it and submit it, and I grade 'em quick and rip it
So Walter says you're bad
Well I ain't down with that
'Cause your length is small and your features are kickin'
And I'm thinkin' about updatin'
To the crappy C in the magazines?
You ain't it Miss Thing
Give me a system, I can't resist it
Some knuckle-head tried to dis it
'Cause those apps are on my list
He had Scheme but he chose to quit it
And I run over quick to get wid it
So students if your code is smooth
And you want me to improve
Dial 1-900-Barzilay, and see some awesome code
Baby got Scheme.

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