Written by Walter Chang

To the tune of: Downtown, by Petula Clark

When you write code and you've got nowhere to go
There is a place, you know - CSUG
When you've got projects or some problems in Logic
There's a place to go - CSUG

Just look at all the Intel boxes running Windows NT
Students playing Unreal making sounds that are not pretty
How can you work?

The code compiles faster there,
You've got all your problems, and far more to spare

Here at CSUG
No better place to be - CSUG
Write all my code in C - CSUG
Everyone's coding here too.

Don't think you're crazy or try to be lazy
You've got projects due - CSUG
Learn about graphs and maybe some math
And count in powers of two - CSUG

Hundred hour projects and three or four all-nighters
API's and system calls and documentation writers
We're sleepless again

You spent your last week there,
You've got all your problems, and far more to spare

Here at CSUG
On Upson Level 3 - CSUG
A second home to me - CSUG
Everyone's living here too.

When you're all stressed and your code is a mess
You can always go - CSUG
When progress you're making in courses you're taking
Is going slow - CSUG

And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you
Someone who is just like you and lends a helping hand to
Guide you along

So maybe I'll see you there,
We can do all our projects, with maybe time to spare

Here at CSUG
Things'll be great here at CSUG
Having a ball here at CSUG
Everyone's loving it too.

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