Building the Peregrine Galley

Peregrine Galley, 1700

The ship was built primarily from the drawing by Howard Chapelle and is constructed in a manner similar to wood model ships, except in paper. You can build your own following these instructions and a copy of the plan, but it will be very much like a scratchbuilding experience rather than a paper model kit you can print and cut out. The design is deliberately reminiscent of wood model construction and will require paints and varnishes at various points.

You will need to obtain a drawing of the ship. I used the one drawn by Howard Chapelle in The Search for Speed Under Sail, but I cannot post a full-size copy here for copyright reasons. That book is one of the classic scholarly works on the history and development of American sailing vessels and is easily available at any university library or through interlibrary loan, so you should have no trouble getting your hands on this book. Photocopy the plans and scale them up to 1/96 scale (1/8 inch = 1 foot). I built the model (at least the hull) almost entirely from these drawings, so there aren't any other plans for me to provide (at least until we get to rigging, as Chapelle does not give us spar dimensions).

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