Building the Peregrine Galley: Running Rigging of the Bowsprit

Spritsail Course

Spritsail running rigging, from top

Spritsail Sling and Halyard

Parrels are pointless in a yard with almost no travel (as it is trapped between stays), so it is attached with a sling. Despite that, they set up a halyard anyway. The halyard is a tackle with single blocks on the bowsprit (just aft of the knees) and the center of the yard. It is belayed to the bowsprit gammoning.

Spritsail Lifts

These double as the spritsail topsail sheets. The lead comes from the topsail, through a block on the yardarm, to a block on a very short pendant near the sprit topmast knee, then back towards the forecastle.

Spritsail Standing Lift

These run as a single line from the yardarm towards the bowsprit. Tensioned at the bowsprit end with deadeyes on a real ship, but we simplify that by representing it as a single line.

Spritsail Braces

This has a pretty crazy lead. Put a pendant with a single block on the yardarm. A line starts from the forestay and goes to the block, then up to another block on a pendant affixed to the forestay below the starting point. From there it goes to the outermost timberhead on the forecastle.

Spritsail Sheets

Put a short pendant with a single block on the clews of the sail. The line starts from a ringbolt near the fore channels, through the block, then through a sheave way back in the waist, near the sheave for the fore sheet. They are belayed inboard.

Spritsail Clewline

A line goes from the clew to a block on the yard, then through the head rails and then to the forecastle. I used the second timberhead from the center on each side (doubling with the fore bowline, but running via the other side of the timberhead).

Spritsail Buntline

There is one buntline on each side, running from the bunt to a block on the yard, to a block on the bowsprit, and then to the forecastle. I belay it to the two center timberheads.

Spritsail Topsail

Sprit Topsail running rigging, from side

Spirtsail Topsail Halyard

Runs from the center of the yard up through a sheave in the sprit topmast head and then set up with a tackle in the sprit top.

Spritsail Topsail Braces

Put a short pendant on the yardarm. The line runs from the forestay to the block, back to a block on the forestay, then to the forecastle. I belay it to the rail immediately aft of the outermost fore timberhead.

Spirtsail Topsail Sheets

Connect up the other end of the spirtsail Lifts as they are the same line.

Spritsail Topsail Clewline

A single line from the clew up to a block on the yard and then down to be belayed in the sprit top.