A poorly-updated selection of photos.

Austin, Texas

Quintisentially Texas
Various: You know you're in Texas when...

The Chaos Ranch
Various: CS grad students. Hot tub. Keep Austin Weird.

Water Water Everywhere
July 19, 2004: The Best Little Waterpark in Texas.

All Day Buffet
February 20, 2004: The height of endurance eating.

Various Locales

On the Road
Various: Outings and get-togethers away from Cornell.

Cornell University

Graduation: Would you like fries with that?
May 27, 2002: Eventually all good things must come to an end. The Real World awaits. At least for those who aren't hiding in grad school like me.

Various: Things that happen.

We All Live in the Yellow Submarine
Summer 2000: The 3rd International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition.

Scenes from the Front
Spring 2000: Life in the trenches at Cornell University.

Adventures in Duct Tape
Fall 1999: See why I have become infamous for duct tape.

Computer Science Mischief
Fall 1999: The Semester of Living Humorously