All Day Buffet

Eating is one of the basic fundamental human needs. We all must eat to survive. Over time, eating has evolved beyond the mere necessity for survival into a more pleasurable experience.

Naturally, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing to excess. This gives rise to the idea and spirit of All Day Buffet.

The idea is simple: you and your gluttonous friends choose a buffet restaurant. Arrive there when it opens. Leave when it closes. Spend the entire time eating. You must be eating continuously; while you may drop to a slow snacking pace if you are completely stuffed, you must keep up some level of eating. Naturally, you must keep it all down, as doing what the Romans did is considered cheating. When the eating is done, look back with a sense of gustatory accomplishment. When others ask "what have you done today" face them proudly and say "I ate, and that's it."

I don't know how many calories this entails, but fifteen thousand would not surprise me. It doesn't really matter that much, as your body probably won't process anything beyond the first six or seven thousand calories, giving you license to eat like a pig beyond that point.

After much talk, we decided to take action. On February 20, 2004, at the Buffet Palace in Austin, we will eat ourselves silly.

This page is dedicated to Walter Chang, Peter Djeu, and Nick Jong, the only souls brave (or foolish) enough to make the attempt.

Still eating

Fried foods? Rice? Bring 'em.

Oh the food

Full? What? I've only had fifteen plates. I don't know what you're talking about.

Mmm, crunchy

Mmm, crunchy. I am soooo hungry. Yawn. Can you see the enthusiasm?

Oh the humanity!

Things got pretty brutal around hour five. This was our darkest hour, when we were completely stuffed from lunch and trying to soldier on to dinner. After hour seven our appetites picked up again to a nice strong finish.

Victory lap

A couple dozen plates of food, a few plates of dessert, and a final victory lap around the buffet line.

The Gluttons

The gluttons who made the attempt. I was the only one to survive all the way without incident, but all the valiant eaters who dared to make the attempt deserve, uh, "congratulations."