Chaos Ranch

The Chaos Ranch was at 8902 Parkfield Drive, Units C and D, in Austin, Texas. It is the home of a group of computer science grad students. There is a hot tub in the back. Naturally, no good can come of this.

Most of us have graduated or otherwise moved on to greener pastures.

Hot Tub

The more the merrier

How many people can you fit in a hot tub?


Hot tub and hot sake: the fastest way to get smashed. Kanpai!

Decemberween 2004

Halloween in December! The theme is The Middle Ages.

Medieval Style

Wizards, ladies, and of course, the Black Death.

Let Chaos Reign!

Campus Crusade for Chaos

The Chaos Crusader

Crackers and booze!

Holy Communion time with crackers and booze!

Walter Chang as the Priest

Chess Time

Death Chess: take a piece, take a shot

Game over, man, game over...

Death Chess: loser clears board

Decemberween 2003

It's Halloween in December! The theme for 2003 is Holidays.


Shalom! Rabbi Chang welcomes all!

Walter Chang as the Rabbi

It's a bird!  It's a plane!

Conference submissions drawing near? Fear not, Paper Deadline Boy will come to the rescue!

Paper Deadline Boy


The Master of Ceremonies?

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo, the original instigators of the best little geekhaus in Texas.

Drink on

Nobody expects the Chaos Ranch! Our primary weapon is food... food and drink! Um... Our TWO weapons are food and drink... and general company! Um... Our THREE weapons are food and drink and general company... and a great outdoor hot tub! Um... Our FOUR... no, um, AMONGST our weaponry are such elements as food, drink, company, hot tub...