On the Road

Graduation hasn't stopped us old folks from keeping in touch.

Poconos, January 2004

It is a good day to die

Death by skiing.

pantalones grandes...

Gilbert gets pants.

It means something?

Modern art. Hmmph.

This could take a while

Marshmallows, the hard way.

Philadelphia, November 2003


Playing games in warm, tropical Philadelphia.

Left to Right: Elizabeth Badame, Hubert Chao, Walter Chang

The old crowd

At the Constitution Center, Philadelphia

We the People...

Playing games with the Founding Fathers.

Jersey Shore, August 2003

Sunburn time

Beach by day...


...games by night?

Marisa Genuardi, Gilbert Rivera, Beth Schaub, Hubert Chao

Jersey Shore, May 2002

Round 1, fight!

Re-enacting the duel on Ganryu Island.

Storm the keep!

Beth builds a castle.

Walk walk walk