Computer Science Mischief

During the Fall 1999 semester the sophomore-level computer science classes were hit with a wave of pranks, jokes, guerrilla theater, and general all-around mischief... Meet the people behind it all!

The Dynamic Duo...

The two Merry Pranksters of the Computer Science Department, Walter Chang and Emmanuel Schanzer

Photograph taken during Computer Science 314, Fall 1999, Preliminary Examination 1.

A CS Costume Lecture!

Ah, the old CS212 gang just can't let go! We couldn't help but go back and sit in on Eli Barzilay's Y Combinator lecture... one last time

So when we found out what day it was, what else was there to do but to crash lecture in costume?!

I am Artemov! Feel my math!

The great Professor Sergei Artemov as Zorro - CS280 lecture just before Halloween.

Duct Tape!

Professor Artemov in more normal clothing, and myself in less than normal clothing...

Photograph taken during Computer Science 280, Fall 1999, Preliminary Examination 2

Shady dealings in CS...

Computer Science 314, Fall 1999, was the epicenter for all the CS Geek mischief...

Left to Right: Walter "Men in Black" Chang, Emmanuel "Highlander" Schanzer

En garde!

Emmanuel challenges Hubert, CS280 TA, to a battle of Honor... because There Can Be Only One

Here's to you, Professor Morrisett!

And of course, for the last day of CS314 lecture, we just HAD to do something...

Left to Right: Andrew McNair (not in our class - English major and CS geek wannabe), Danny Falkov, Walter Chang, Emmanuel Schanzer, Hubert Chao

FBI, would you please come with us?

During lecture, the students look on as Hubert is forcibly removed by Government Agents.

(Matt Avent as "FBI Agent")

La vie CS!

And a toast to our professor of two semesters, lover of cows, and all around Cool Guy: Professor J. Gregory Morrisett!

Note the gift tie we got him, which he is wearing... could it be pictures of cartoon cows? And the cows are doing what?! (Shhh! Let's just say it's probably not appropriate for virgin ears!)

Left to Right: Walter Chang, Dr. Greg Morrisett, Emmanuel Schanzer