Adventures in Duct Tape

Trenchcoat the First...
The one that started me down the road to madness. This is a duct tape trenchcoat and fedora hat. It is made entirely out of duct tape - it's not over any piece of clothing, just 100% pure duct tape. I built this one over Fall Break from a severe lack of interesting things to do.
Colonel Duct Tape
It gets worse. By Halloween I have the outfit you see here, "Colonel Duct Tape," in full duct tape military regalia. Complete with visored cap (that has a duck and the words "duct tape"), boots, insignia, and assault rifle.
Debbie Does Duct Tape
Debbie seems to like the outfit too...
The Shining Couple

And this is what all this built up to: the Class of 2002/2003 Winter Semi-Formal. I'm the one in the duct tape tuxedo, hat, pants, cane, and shoes. Only the cane (which is over a wooden dowel rod) and the shoes contain non-duct-tape components, everything else is 100% pure tape.

My date is Nicki Gerlach, a friend from Math 223/224. Her complete outfit (not everything pictured here) includes the dress, a handbag, a bow (for her hair), and a duct tape rose. Again, with the exception of the wire stem used in the rose, everything is 100% pure duct tape.

Nicki... oh so sexy - and sticky!
Nicki again, looking absolutely stunning in her dress...
A magical night at the ball!

Ah, the start to a magical evening!

To say that we attracted a lot of attention at the Statler Ballroom is an understatement...