Pictures that didn't seem to fit with any other theme...

The Math 223 Gang!

The old Math 223/224 Gang

The Girls of Math 224

In Math 223/224 we had a tradition: whoever got the highest score on an exam would have to wear a dress (for guys) or a ball gown (for girls) to the next one.

So, we have here The Girls of Math 224!

Bon appetit!

Thanksgiving Dinner, 1999, Risley Hall. We cooked up the most amazing vegetarian feast ever... over 20 items!

Mmm... rum baklava!

Thanksgiving: Syd enjoying my now-infamous Rum Baklava

Transylvanian Transsexual...

At the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Left to Right: Emmanuel Schanzer, Walter Chang, Gilbert Rivera

Ice in Ithaca standing tall...

Oy vey...

Ice comes out of everything in Ithaca...