Water Water Everywhere

New Braunfels, Texas is home to the Schlitterbahn waterpark resort, one of the world's largest waterparks. Lots of waterslides, tube rides, and other wet activities. Texas-sized water fun.

Making Waves

The giant tidal wave loop is far more fun than you'd think. Artificial waves should not be this much fun at our age.

Whoa, steady there...

Balance is harder than you think.


Tubes are fun.

A Roller Coaster?

The "Master Blaster" is a water-driven roller coaster. Going uphill at high speeds in water is quite novel, as are the loops and turns. Hang on tight. It is a good day to die.


Rope races. I think we were the only ones on those ropes beyond elementary school, which is why they were strung a bit low.

Warning: Low Clearance

The various tube rides go everywhere at Schlitterbahn.

Yay people!

Three amigos?


Just chillin'

Water Warriors

Group picture. Sunburn time.