I've done various things.

Model Ships from Paper

I like to make detailed scale models of ships using paper.

HMS Majestic (1895)

HMS Majestic

See the HMS Majestic, a Victorian-era Royal Navy battleship and read about constructing her model.

Peregrine Galley (1700)

Peregrine Galley, 1700

Read about the construction of my 1/96 scale model of the Peregrine Galley an English sailing ship of 1700. The model is fully rigged with sails and uses only paper, thread, paint, and glue (plus a tiny scrap of cellophane) in its construction. No wood, metal, or other plastic and every last part made from scratch.

Song and Dance

CS212: The Musical

Written for Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Spring 1999, as taught by Professor Greg Morrisett.

CS314: The Musical

The one-of-a-kind musical about the Computer Architectures class at Cornell! See geeks hack!

The Cornell Computer Science Songbook

A compilation of various computer science songs written by and for the students of the Cornell CS department.


A Midsummer Night's AOL

The AOL Shakespeare Company Presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in a public chat room.

Much Ado About AOL

The AOL Shakespeare Company's second production, with an expanded cast.

The Tragik Historie of William Gates, Lord of Redmond

A fragment recently unearthed, in the hand of Shakespeare himself!

Other Absurdity

Monty Python and the Battle of the Hornburg

An idea that should definitely come to pass.