Modern Waterman Pens - The 1980s and Earlier

Here are some notes on modern French Waterman pens from the 1980s and earlier. A lot of this information is sketchy and likely not entirely accurate, so if you can fill me in I'd be very appreciative.


Cool vintage pen that actually kinda looks like the plane. Angular shapes and an inlaid nib make it look like the 1970s version of the Carene. These might go back as far as 1965; certainly by 1971 they were generally available.

The matte plastic ones generally had matching sections, while the metal ones used black sections. Nibs are 18k gold, matching the trim.

I know of at least the following (gold trim unless indicated otherwise):

  • Burgundy
  • Matte Grey
  • Matte Black
  • Matte Brown
  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss Black with Gold cap
  • Brushed Silver plate ST
  • Brushed Gold plate
  • Mauve

I have no evidence for the existence of an Air France version, but dearly hope that they made one! (Air France did have logo'd Waterman Executives and probably others, but not the Concorde?)


Here's an odd one. A tubular pen that seems to be the ancestor to the Man 100/200 series. Has a straight washer clip (like the Duofold) with a ball at the end and rings at the barrel end and section join. And a screw cap - a real rarity among modern French Waterman pens. The nibs are 18k two-tone with an old-fashioned looking Waterman logo. Lacquer over brass.

These are almost certainly vintage 1970s and were likely displaced by the Man 100 when that came out in 1983.

I know of at least the following (there are probably more):

  • Silver Milleraires
  • Black/Gold (like Night and Day)
  • Black/Silver (like Night and Day)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Ivory
  • Brown Marble


Introduced in 1978 and designed by Alain Carre (a moderately famous designer back in that time).

The pen has a rather distinctive look. It is long and tubular with rounded ends. The clip is a straight clip (not the usual Waterman split clip) and has a large ball at the end. The nib is 18k gold.

Known colors:

  • Silver Fougere ST
  • Silver Plate Milleraires (fine vertical lines) ST
  • Sterling Silver ST (with blue gem in clip ball)
  • Gold Plate GT
  • Brushed Stainless GT
  • Fluted Gold Plate GT (with green gem in clip ball and gold section)
  • Matte Black GT

Doubtless there are more colors, but this pen doesn't turn up very often here.

Directeur General

The Directeur General (basically French for CEO) was introduced in 1974 and can be considered a variant of the late model CF. The most distinctive difference is the squared over-the-top clip (not the usual split clip in the CF); it moves as a whole unit from an internal spring/hinge. There is usually a line of colored enamel running down the clip. The metal jacket on the section is also different; there is much more metal; it either completely encloses the section or has an enameled stripe matching the clip.

Known finishes:

  • Fluted Sterling Silver with silver section and black clip stripe
  • Fluted Gold with gold section and black clip stripe
  • Silver with black stripe
  • Sterling Silver with turquoise stripe (for Tiffany?)
  • Gold with red stripe
  • Gold with black stripe
  • Gold with brown stripe
  • Chrome with red stripe


The classic CF was also produced in France. By the 1970s, the French CFs were seriously upscale metal pens with crazy finishes. Collecting them is probably a task on the order of collecting the Parker 75 or Sheaffer Targa finishes, there were so many.

It is probably hopeless to try to list all the variants, but I do know about the following. I describe the body type and the "jacket" - the fancy metal bit on the section. This list focuses on the metal/brass French CF, not the plastic bodied American ones from 1954 onward.

  • Silver Crocodile ST with silver jacket
  • Silver wavy dense horizontal lines ST with silver jacket
  • Stainless Steel ST with silver jacket
  • Stainless Steel GT with silver jacket
  • Silver Chevrons GT with silver jacket
  • Silver Crocodile GT with silver jacket
  • Gold-plated Crocodile GT with gold jacket
  • Silver Grain d'Orge ST
  • Gold-Plated Milleraires GT with gold jacket
  • Black Lacque GT with gold jacket
  • Blue Lacque GT with gold jacket
  • Red Lacque GT with gold jacket
  • Marbled Red Lacque GT with gold jacket
  • Brown Thuya Lacque GT with gold jacket
  • Gold wavy vertical lines ("Vagues") GT with gold jacket
  • Silver Barleycorn GT with gld jacket
  • Gold Chevrons GT with gold jacket
  • Silver Moire ST with silver jacket
  • Smooth Silverplate ST with silver jacket
  • Smooth Goldplate GT with gold jacket
  • Satin Goldplate GT with gold jacket
  • Solid 18k gold (pattern: 1 wavy, 4 straight vertical) GT