Modern Waterman Pens - The 2000s

Here are some notes about modern Waterman pens produced through the 2000s and beyond.


Introduced in 2000, the Serenite (pronounced the French way, as in "serenity") is a pen quite unlike any other in regular production. It is curved. Looks vaguely (to my eyes) like a Japanese katana in its sheath. It was discontinued in 2010 (possibly as early as 2009) but some are still available in retail channels.

This is Waterman's top-end pen and commands a kingly price, from MSRP $600 at launch to MSRP $900 at 2009 prices. The ad copy for the Serenite is truly over-the-top and quite hilarious. From their website we get such marketing gibberish as "Look beyond the obvious to reveal the imperceptible... Discover an entire universe within something so small... The path to serenity par excellence... The art of contemplation invites you to discover true beauty" and "Free of conformity, in an alliance between beauty and technology... In a mysterious balance of purity and originality." I'm not sure what any of it means but for hilarity this puts even Mont Blanc marketing to shame!

At release, you could have it in any color you liked as long as it was black. The ring had a pattern that looked like twigs in a bird's nest.

  • Black (original) (discontinued 2009? or 2007?)

Sometime around 2006 (or late 2005) they released a blue version. This has a different pattern on the ring, one that looks more like a rippled sandy beach.

  • Blue (discontinued 2009)

In late 2007, we see the first grey Serenite. This is actually brushed titanium over something (aluminum, maybe?). The ring uses a new geometric pattern. I believe the black was revamped at this time as well (either here or back when the blue was released) to use the new ring as well.

  • Brushed Titanium
  • Black (revised) (discontinued 2009)

The solid black and blue Serenites were discontinued in 2009 (possibly late 2008), although they will continue to be sold until stock runs out. This leaves the grey titanium one as the only one in active production for 2009.

And that's it as far as the regular production finishes go. There are a bunch of Limited Editions based on this pen, which command even more ridiculous prices.

The most outrageous Limited Edition based on the Serenite has to be the "Collection d'Art" series. This is a set of four pens around a four elements theme and done with expensive materials:

  • Collection d'Art Air: quail shell and black/gold maki-e
  • Collection d'Art Earth: crocodile leather and sterling silver
  • Collection d'Art Water: abalone shell inlay on sterling
  • Collection d'Art Fire: red-orange and gold maki-e

Only 161 sets of the Collection d'Art were made and I do not know how much they cost (I have heard they are over $10000 each, so over $40000 for the set) but would guess you could buy a fairly nice Mercedes with that kind of money. They were originally released in late 2006, based on marketing materials promoting it, but they are still in the catalog through 2008 (and maybe beyond). Perhaps they haven't sold all of them?

There is a limited edition made of cocobolo wood. The sterling trim does not have the "twigs" pattern typical of the time but rather deeply engraved wavy lines. Only 3000 were made; I'm not sure if that is includes ballpoints and rollers or not. I had heard that the engineering for the wood version was quite tricky (probably because of the curved shape interacting with the wood grain) and was done with people at Ecole Superieure du Bois in Nantes, a technical college specializing in all things wood.

  • Cocobolo Wood Limited Edition (2001, I think) (3000 made)

There are quite a number of Serenites with Japanese maki-e finishes. Almost all of these were released to the Asia market only and were made in small numbers. MSRP on these was in the $4300 USD ballpark. I do not know when these were made, but the Phoenix might have come out in 2007. Here are the ones that I know about:

  • White Tiger SE: black pen with silver tiger in silver bamboo forest. Only 120 made.
  • Kirin SE: depicts a kirin in gold and colors. Only 120 made.
  • Phoenix SE (2007): silver phoenix and gold leaves. Only 120 made.
  • Crane SE: mother-of-pearl crane standing in gold. Only 125 made.
  • White Snakes SE: brown and white snake. Japan market only, 60 made.
  • Rising Dragon SE: depicts a dragon in silver. Only 120 made.


The Exception was released in 2004.

It has a distinctive square cross section. In the larger version, the section does not screw in as with a conventional pen but rather uses a locking bayonet like closure. The slim version is screwed on conventionally.

The Exception comes in two sizes: the large/oversize and the smaller slim size.

The oversize pens are available in these finishes:

  • Night and Day Gold (black with gold stripes)
  • Night and Day Platinum (black with platinum stripes)
  • Night and Day Black ST (black with engraved line stripes)
  • Ideal Black GT (plain gloss black)

There are two solid precious metal pens, released September 2006. These might be individually numbered.

  • Precious Metals Gold (solid 18k)
  • Precious Metals Silver (sterling)

The slim colors are:

  • Black GT
  • Red GT (introduced March 2007)
  • Black ST
  • Blue ST (introduced Fall 2006)
  • Green ST (introduced March 2007)

In addition, two "Slim Fashion" colors were added in 2008:

  • Celadon Green (discontinued 2010?)
  • Raspberry (discontinued 2010?)

There is one Limited Edition so far based on the Exception, the Marks of Time (from 2007, I think) featuring a wavy engraved pattern like flowing water.

  • Marks of Time LE Vermeil: MSRP $1950, 1000 made
  • Marks of Time LE Sterling: MSRP $1650, 1500 made


Introduced in 1992 and named for the American founder of the company (Lewis Edson Waterman), it still occupies a place high in the Waterman line. The regular pens are translucent resin (matching section) with a gold-plated cap.

The original translucent solid colors are came with converters in matching colors with gold plated metal bits. A nice touch.

  • Sapphire (in production since the beginning)
  • Emerald (discontinued around 1999)
  • Ruby (discontinued around 1999)

There may be an unofficial variation of the blue - there are a few pictures on one with a "button" at the top of the cap with a blue jewel. Not sure of the story behind this and am pretty sure this version was never officially catalogued. Maybe some company commissioned a special run that we don't know about?

In March 2007 a new finish was added, black with platinum trim.

  • Diamond Black

Some minor design changes seem to have occurred around 2007 as well; notable, Edsons started showing up with a gold button on the end of the barrel.

There are a few Limited Editions based on the Edson.

  • Boucheron (1996): gold overlay on blue pen, 3741 made
  • Sterling (2003): sterling silver with blue section, 4000 made
  • 125 Year (2008): blue diamond pattern on palladium plate, 1883 made


The Elegance was introduced in late 2009 or early 2010. It is a big tubular pen with a very prominent metal ring below the section and big metal end jewels. Marketed primarily to women.

The nib is 2-tone 18k gold featuring the Waterman "W" with really frilly scrollwork, similar to a Mont Blanc nib. The masking pattern matches the pen; the gold-trim ones have a mostly gold nib with rhodium-plated scrollwork, while the silver-trim pens have a mostly rhodium-plated nib with exposed gold scrollwork.

The ring on the gold-finish pens have a flower motif, while the silver trim version has a checkerboard lines pattern instead.

Known finishes include:

  • Ivory GT
  • Black GT
  • Black ST


I think the Liaison was introduced in 1999 (the earliest reference I have is an Autumn 1999 retailer catalog). It was discontinued recently, around 2006-2007 (as that seems to be when they were going on closeout everywhere).

The pen was made either of resin (solid colors) or ebonite (wood-like finishes). It loads from the back and has no real section to speak of; the nib appears to emerge directly from the body and is removed by turning the blind cap at the rear to detach. The nib is a semi-wraparound conical nib, in 18k gold.

The original colors at launch were:

  • Black GT
  • Mahogany Ebonite GT (discontinued sometime around 2003-2004?)
  • Woodgrain Ebonite GT

In 2005 (I think), two new finishes were briefly added. I think they were discontinued by the end of 2006.

  • Majestic Blue CT
  • Ruby Red GT

I've heard references to a few more unusual finishes:

  • Cobra CT (black snakeskin-like, 2004?)
  • Green Woodgrain Ebonite GT (I heard this was German market only for the year 2000)


The l'Etalon was introduced in 1996 and discontinued sometime around 2004-2005. It has a tapered but squared-off profile, with a long clip whose base goes over the top of the cap. There is a hexagonal cutout in the band, usually filled with black.

The original colors on release all had gold trim and are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Sterling Silver (basketweave-like pattern)
  • Gold-Plated (also basketweave pattern)

For 2004, before the pens were discontinued, two more finishes were added. These had chrome trim and an 18k gold nib plated to match (either rhodium or palladium, I think). The finishes are sort of metallic:

  • Canyon Brown
  • Cascade Green

I have seen photos of an unusual smooth silver-colored (can't tell if sterling or chrome) L'Etalon with a translucent blue plastic section, but cannot find any documentation about it. A prototype? I have also seen pictures of a matte black one with chrome trim, but do not know when it was produced.

  • Smooth White Metal w/blue section (prototype?)
  • Matte Black CT


The Carene is one of Waterman's more distinctive pens and aside from Sheaffer, one of the few pens with a real inlaid nib. I'm not sure when they were introduced, but 1998 or earlier would be right.

The original colors were:

  • Amber Shimmer (aka Marine Amber)
  • Green Shimmer (aka Sea Garden)
  • Coral Orange (bright solid red-orange)
  • Abyss Blue (deep blue)
  • Black

All had gold trim. Of these five, the Green Shimmer, Coral Orange, and Abyss Blue were discontinued sometime around 2002-2003. The Black is now known as Black Sea Gold Trim, but is otherwise the same.

Starting in 2001 and continuing for several years, we start seeing Carenes with chrome trim. The regular chrome trim Carenes were:

  • Charcoal Grey (introduced winter 2001)
  • Royal Violet (introduced 2001, discontinued)
  • Leather Brown (introduced sometime 2002-2003, discontinued)
  • Garnet Red (introduced spring 2005, discontinued 2008)
  • Royal Blue / Ultramarine (introduced 2005-2006, discontinued December 2008)
  • Black Sea (basically gloss black, introduced Fall 2006)
  • Glossy Red (introduced late 2007 or early 2008)
  • Vivid Blue (introduced late 2007 or early 2008)
  • Frosty Brown (introduced late 2007 or early 2008)

There are two finishes known as the Carene Islands. These have chrome trim and a sand-like look:

  • Islands Lagoon (light blue/green) (discontinued 2009)
  • Islands Sand (medium brown) (discontinued 2009)

There are also the "Meridians" all-metal finishes. The silver was introduced around Spring 2005, while the pink gold was later. These had a couple of long flowing (as though the pen were a ship breaking through waves) engraved lines running the length of the pen and chrome trim.

  • Silver Meridians (introduced Spring 2005)
  • Pink Gold Meridians (introduced mid 2008)

Additionally, there are the Carene Deluxe pens. This is a Carene with a metal cap. The silver cap was there from the beginning and came with two body colors:

  • Deluxe Black
  • Deluxe Blue

Additionally there was a gold plated cap version. I think they were available from the beginning but was probably discontinued around 2000/2001.

  • Deluxe GP Green

There is the Deluxe Special Edition from 2005 (sold through maybe 2006 before closeout) with vermeil caps and two unique finishes:

  • Prussian Blue
  • Amethyst Bronze

In mid-2010, the Contemporary line was added to the Carene. These pens had palladium plated trim and an deep engraved silver/gunmetal PVD pattern. The nibs are 18k rhodium-plated gold. There are two versions:

  • Contemporary Gunmetal (engraved gunmetal cap and body)
  • Contemporary Black and Gunmetal (engraved gunmetal cap, black lacquer body)

Also sometime in 2010, Waterman gave us the Carene Essential line, which feature a dense wavy engraved pattern. Their internal rebranding lumps the Deluxe Black in with these, but that is the same old Deluxe Black and not a new pen.

  • Essential Black and Gold (gold cap, black body)
  • Essential Silver (silver colored cap and body)


The Charleston was introduced in 2002 (or perhaps late 2001) and is clearly inspired by the vintage Waterman Hundred Year pen. Unlike most of Waterman's fine pens, it is made from plastic and features a screw cap instead of a snap cap. It was discontinued late 2010 or early 2011, although many remained in the supply chain for 2011.

The nib on the Charleston is the same as in the Preface, with a different engraving.

Colors include:

  • Ivory GT
  • Navy Blue CT
  • Citrine Yellow CT (discontinued, probably in 2006, definitely by 2009)
  • Ebony Black CT
  • Green GT (discontinued, probably in 2006, definitely by 2009)
  • Black GT (discontinued 2009)


Introduced around 1995 (not absolutely sure of this) and discontinued sometime around 2004. It is a slender tubular pen.

Known Colors:

  • Marbled Green GT (aka Forest Green)
  • Marbled Brown GT (aka Sienna Brown)
  • Marbled Blue GT
  • Marbled Red GT
  • Navy Blue GT
  • Cherry Red GT
  • Black GT
  • 23k Gold Plated
  • Fluted Sterling Silver GT
  • Textured translucent red barleycorn
  • Textured translucent green barleycorn

I have heard of (but not seen) a "Rosetta Stone" Limited/Special Edition (Spanish market), black with "1799" on the cap and with the last phrase on the Rosetta Stone written in three languages on the side. Does anyone know more?

  • Rosetta Stone LE/SE


A new pen, introduced around August/September 2008. It is a tubular pen with angular engraved lines evoking an "architectural" motif, giving the appearance of a sort of hybrid between fine pen and technical pen.

At launch, six finishes were available, three "Executive" finishes that were in solid conventional colors and three "Designer" finishes that emphasized the lines pattern. They were:


  • Blue CT
  • Black CT
  • Black GT


  • Azure Blue
  • Champagne
  • Silver


Introduced by 2004 (not sure), the Harmonie is a long slender steel-nib pen. The distinctive design feature is the clip; unlike the usual Waterman split clip, which has parallel sides, the Harmonie's clip is more V-shaped, widest where it joins the cap.

The solid colors:

  • Black CT
  • Black GT
  • Cashmere Beige CT
  • Glacier Blue CT

The checker patterns:

  • Patio Blue CT
  • Boudoir Red GT
  • Brown GT (discontinued 2008-2009?)

Expert (II)

I am not sure when they were introduced, but I would guess late 1990s. They were certainly in common circulation by 1998 when I bought my first.

These pens differ from the original Expert I in that they are made of brass (instead of plastic) and have a more conventional-looking nib. The cap also has "Waterman" on the cap band instead of just the "W" logo. For a while after release, they were called the Expert II in the literature, but then Waterman dropped the "II" and now it goes by just "Expert."

The original colors, which ran to maybe 2003-2004, consisted of black and three marbled finishes:

  • Black GT
  • France Blue GT
  • Oriental Red GT
  • Prussian Green GT

For the Year 2000, three additional finishes were produced. I suspect they were only produced for the year 2000 but retailer catalogs show them as late as 2001, probably excess stock. These were called the "Expert 2000" instead of Expert II.

  • Champagne GT
  • Slate Blue
  • Copper

The marbled colors got a revamp sometime around 2002-2003. The old marbled colors are gone, replaced by the "Dunes" finishes, which are somewhat cooler (in the warm/cool sense) colors in a pattern that looks like horizontal rings of sand. The finishes are:

  • Dune Blue CT
  • Dune Green CT
  • Dune Red GT

Around the same time we got some metallic finishes as well. I believe these were introduced around 2003 and they seem to have vanished sometime in 2007.

  • Metallic Black Matte CT
  • Metallic Satin Chrome CT

At some point a gloss black with chrome trim was introduced, but I am not sure when. There is also a matte black with chrome trim that is still current production.

  • Gloss Black CT
  • Matte Black CT

Around Spring 2007 the "City Line" was introduced. These were usually packaged as a gift set with a leather pouch with magnetic closure. These finishes were rather different, having a lacquer over engraving look, chrome trim, and a generally more modern rather than classic look. The original two finishes are:

  • Urban Brown
  • Urban Silver

By the end of 2007 or early 2008, two more finishes were added. I suppose you could call this "City Line II" but they are substantially the same as the first two and also often packed with the leather pouch.

  • Urban Blue
  • Urban Grey

In July 2007, the "Smart" finishes were introduced. These look like lacquer with gold dust sprinkled in to give it a shimmering effect. There were two finishes at launch, both with gold trim:

  • Smart Blue
  • Smart Brown

Around late 2009 (or January 2010) the Expert Deluxe was introduced. The Deluxe featured a silver-colored cap with engraved horizontal lines alternating with blank spaces. They came in two finishes, both with silver-colored trim:

  • Deluxe Black
  • Deluxe White

I am less sure of the following colors because I haven't seen them in catalogs, but remember seeing photos of them:

  • Solid Red GT
  • Solid Yellow GT
  • Solid Blue GT
  • Blue CT
  • Matte Black CT

As part of Waterman's 2010/2011 redesigns and launches, we have some new finishes for the Expert II line. The Deluxe line has a palladium-plated cap with bands of lines running horizontally and a lacquer body. The chrome-trim matt and gloss black and the chrome pens were rebranded as the &quoyt;Expert Essential" line but these are the same as the older pens.

  • Deluxe Black CT
  • Deluxe White CT


Introduced in 1994, I believe originally only as a ballpoint and pencil. The fountain pen and rollerball got added later, I suspect around 1997, based on ad copy from that time saying "now available as..."

The Hemisphere line received a major redesign in 2011; we'll call them the second-generation or "new" Hemisphere.

The original lineup of fountain pen colors was quite impressive. These I know of:

  • Mars Black GT (glossy black)
  • Marbled Red GT (discontinued by end of 2007)
  • Marbled Blue GT (discontinued by end of 2007
  • Marbled Green GT (discontinued by end of 2007)
  • Marbled Grey GT (discontinued by end of 2007)
  • China Green GT (solid color) (probably discontinued)
  • Indian Blue GT (solid color) (probably discontinued)
  • Garance Red GT (solid color) (probably discontinued)
  • Matte Black GT
  • Stainless GT
  • Stainless CT

There also exist a couple with metal caps (fluted engraving) and lacquer bodies, but I do not know when they arrived:

  • Black with Chrome cap GT
  • Black with Gold plated cap GT

Three metallic finishes were added by 2004:

  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Green (discontinued by end of 2007)
  • Metallic Cognac (discontinued by end of 2007)

In mid/late 2005, another three finishes were added:

  • Comet Red CT (essentially metallic red)
  • Stardust Gold (discontinued 2007, I think)
  • Mars Black CT (gloss black)

A line of "Shimmery" colors were introduced in 2007. These have a stippled effect on the lacquer and are all chrome trim.

  • Shimmery Pink
  • Shimmery Blue
  • Shimmery Grey
  • Shimmery Green

In 2008 (I think) they added two palladium plated finishes, the Starlight pens. At first glance they resemble the stainless ones, but the palladium plate is much shinier. There are two:

  • Starlight CT
  • Starlight GT

In addition, 2008 (I think) also saw two new engraved finishes, engraved with vertical lines of varying length:

  • Golden Shine (gold plated version)
  • Polar Shine (palladium plated version)

The year 2011 saw a radical revision to the Hemisphere line. The major changes are that the ring at the body/section join is now much larger, the clip is narrower (does not flare out as much as the old clip). They also took the opportunity to introduce a Hemisphere Deluxe line and a Special Edition! The regular pens were launched as "Hemisphere Essential."

The regular Gen2 pens are:

  • [Gen2] White CT
  • [Gen2] Black CT
  • [Gen2] Black GT
  • [Gen2] Matt Black CT
  • [Gen2] Matt Black GT
  • [Gen2] Stainless CT
  • [Gen2] Stainless GT

The Deluxe Gen2 pens are:

  • [Gen2] Deluxe Metal CT (chrome with engraved wavy lines running down length)
  • [Gen2] Deluxe White CT (engraved chrome cap with white lacquer body)
  • [Gen2] Deluxe Black CT (engraved chrome cap with black lacquer body)
  • [Gen2] Deluxe Silk-Printed (satin chrome cap with silkscreened wavy lines on black body)

The first Hemisphere Special Edition is by European designer Agnes B. Originally this finish was exclusive to Levenger, but it then became available to everyone. The body is blue-black with blue polka dots and a couple of thin white swooshes and a silver cap.

  • Agnes B. Special Edition

Ici et La

A small purse pen, marketed towards women. They usually came with a cloth pen pouch. Introduced in 2000 as a ballpoint only. The fountain pen was added to the lineup in 2003.

There are actually two versions of the fountain pen. The early version can only take cartridges, while the newer version has enough room inside for a converter. Short of dropping a converter into the pen, I am not sure if there is any way to tell the difference. I believe the second-generation version was introduced around 2005 - it was certainly widely available by 2006.

The Plum color is probably ballpoint only.

  • Red GT
  • Black GT (discontinued?)
  • Green GT (discontinued?)
  • Champagne GT
  • Blue CT
  • Silver Mist CT
  • Turquoise CT (discontinued in 2007?)
  • Sweet Lilac CT (introduced 2005?)
  • Indian Pink CT (discontinued 2007?)
  • Khaki CT (more like olive green, discontinued in 2007?)
  • Crystal Special Edition GT (gloss black with five Swarovski crystals in the cap band)
  • Crystal Special Edition CT


A funky clipless pen that looks vaguely like a lipstick tube with more curves. Marketed towards women. Originally released in 2003 as a ballpoint, the fountain pen was added some time later (not sure when, maybe 2004-2005).

All of the finishes are patterned graphics, and there are a lot of finishes. Here is my attempt to catalog those that exist.

I believe these were new for 2008, so all should be available as fountain pens:

  • Pink Impulse (pink with flowers and satin gold cap)
  • Shiny Pearl (pearl and silver)
  • Smart Code (black with "digital" pattern)
  • Urban Nomad (brown/blue African tribal patterns)
  • City of Style (silver with Paris-themed blue line patterns, like the Eiffel Tower)

These finishes are somewhat older, most likely from the time the fountain pen version was introduced. Anyone have dates?

  • Digital Poetry (turquoise with white dandelion)
  • Summer Night (blue with arabesque pattern)
  • Evening in Paris (grey with black/white flowers)
  • Indian Vibes (red with pink/mauve/fuschia flowers)
  • Midnight Glamour (lipstick red with black/white/red flowers)
  • Enchanted Garden (lavender with flowers)
  • Happy Pop (pink/light blue flowers)

These patterns are probably older, and may or may not have fountain pen versions.

  • Indigo Leaves (blue with blue flowers)
  • Pink Blossom Kimono (red with red starburst flowers)
  • Ultra Lace (champagne with black fishnet lace and roses)

I do not know when these finishes came out or if there is a fountain pen version. They may well be ballpoint only.

  • Urban Jungle (olive green with black tiger stripes)
  • Cordoba Leather (brown leather-like)
  • Purple Link (purple with snakeskin-like pattern)


The Apostrophe at first glance looks like a downscaled Preface, but with a matte black plastic section. The Apostrophe is low in the Waterman food chain and I do not think they were ever distributed to the United States. I am not sure when they were introduced but I would guess before 1999. Although not advertised much anywhere, it still appears in dealer sell sheets in 2007, so it must have been produced at least through that year.

Colors shown in the 2001 catalog (all gold trim):

  • Marble Red
  • Marble Blue
  • Marble Green
  • Black


Not sure exactly when these came out. Definitely after 1989. These were never distributed to the US. Tubular pen with plastic section and a single cap band. Looks like a cheaper Apostrophe.

I have seen the chrome/silver version of this on eBay as a "Graduate" but what was being sold is definitely the chrome version of what my catalog lists as the Allure. Or maybe the Graduate now shares a design with the Allure?

Known colors (chrome trim unless otherwise specified):

  • light blue
  • red
  • grey
  • black
  • chrome
  • red marble GT
  • blue marble GT


I think they were introduced in the early 1990s, but am unsure. They were great starter pens and excellent value for the money. However, in the late 2000s as Waterman started refocusing on the high end, there were persistent rumors about the Phileas (a low-end pen) being discontinued. It remained in production at least until 2009 (although the red and green were discontinued in 2008, according to Waterman dealer J.M. Lewertowski) but it seems by 2010-2011 the rumors have become true and the Phileas is officially discontinued.

The pen has a very Art Deco feel, even though it does not look like any historic pen from the Art Deco period. It has a large derby cap, a two-tone gold-plated steel nib with a fan motif, a band at the blind cap end of the barrel repeating the fan motif (like a cigar band).

The very similar Kultur is often confused with the Phileas. Although I suppose the exact boundary can be debated, most will draw the line at a few distinctive characteristics. The most important characteristic is that the Phileas has a brass insert inside the barrel (to give it a more substantial feel); the Kultur never has this feature. I use this as the distinguishing characteristic. In addition, the Phileas has a two-tone nib instead of the plain steel nib or single tone gold plated in the Kultur and has a "cigar band" thing at the end of the barrel.

There has always been a basic gloss black version, which has remained unchanged through the years. Early on, there was a solid grey version as well, but I guess that this did not last long, as they seem to be rare.

  • Black GT
  • Grey GT

The marbled colors have undergone changes. The original marbled colors were dark and had dark veins running through it; very mineral-like. Three were quite common in the US but they grey seems to be much less common; perhaps it was never imported in quantity. They were:

  • Marbled Blue (original)
  • Marbled Red (original)
  • Marbled Green (original)
  • Marbled Grey (original)

The new marbled colors appeared around autumn 1999 and replaced the old marbled colors. They had milky white mixed in instead of dark colors, so they were overall lighter in color and had a more cloud-like look to the finish. I have never seen a new version of the grey, so it seems that only the three colors got changed.

  • Marbled Blue (new)
  • Marbled Red (new) (discontinued 2008)
  • Marbled Green (new)

The 2001 Waterman catalog shows three solid colors, but I am not sure when they were actually introduced. These are far less common than their marbled counterparts:

  • Ruby Red GT
  • Midnight Blue GT
  • Turquoise Green GT

There are some variants.

  • Travels of Phileas: there is a gold globe imprint on the cap. The packaging is travel-themed with a passport-like booklet.

We can't forget the Harley-Davidson "Free Wheel" pens! These came out in 2002. They come in a silver tin with the Harley logo and marked "Powered by Waterman" in big block letters. All pens are chrome trim. There are four variants (five if you count the orange and blue flames separately):

  • Harley-Davidson Flames: black with orange or blue flames
  • Harley-Davidson Flag: blue pattern with US flag on the barrel
  • Harley-Davidson Racing: racing stripes/checker and Harley-Davidson logo
  • Harley-Davidson Eagle: light blue with bald eagle

The Eagle and the blue flames seem to be much less common than the others, but all five (counting the two flames versions) are shown clearly on a Waterman/Sanford flier.


The Kultur is very similar to the Phileas and is often confused with it. The primary differences are that the Phileas has a brass liner for weight, the Phileas nib is two-tone, and the Phileas has the fan cap band on the barrel end. The Kultur lacks these features but is otherwise identical. The Kultur often (but not always) comes with a transparent section.

There are so many colors that it may be futile to try to list them all, but here are the ones I know about (chrome trim unless otherwise indicated):

Kultur Original solid colors:

  • Green GT
  • Blue GT
  • Red GT
  • Black GT
  • Blue CT

Kultur Shock clear neon transparent:

  • Clear Transparent
  • Transparent Smoke Grey
  • Transparent Red/Orange
  • Transparent Red
  • Transparent Orange
  • Transparent Electric Blue
  • Transparent Royal Blue
  • Transparent Light Blue
  • Transparent Neon Yellow
  • Transparent Hot Pink
  • Transparent Purple
  • Transparent Dark Green
  • Transparent Lime Green

Kultur Metalis metallic finishes:

  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Copper
  • Metallic Soft Blue
  • Metallic Soft Lavender
  • Metallic Pink

Kultur Emotion marbled finishes:

  • Red/Black Marble CT
  • Green/Black Marble CT
  • Blue/Black Marble CT

Kultur Light frosted transparent: introduced around 2000, often comes with matching plastic pen case.

  • Transparent Frosty Blue
  • Transparent Frosty Pink
  • Transparent Frosty Purple
  • Transparent Frosty Neon Yellow
  • Transparent Frosty Orange
  • Transparent Frosty Burnt Orange

Other colors I've seen from photographs but have been unable to classify:

  • Sand-like
  • Glittery Green
  • Glittery Purple
  • Matte Black

Special or unusual versions:

  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: with Tomb Raider graphics, in a Tomb Raider themed box and Lara Croft's "signature"


In 2000, Waterman collaborated with Harley-Davidson to produce licensed pens. Three pen lines came out of this venture. The "Freewheel" version was a rebranded Phileas and is covered under that section. The other two are more unique.

The Harley-Davidson Horizon range has a clip that looks like two big engine pistons (like the V-twin engine in the Harleys, but stretched out to clip-length). The nib looks an awful lot like the Phileas nib (with a different engraving) but the body is unique. It comes in a case shaped like a motorcycle gas tank. They came in five colors:

  • Horizon Red
  • Horizon Blue
  • Horizon Chrome
  • Horizon Asphalt
  • Horizon Orange

The Harley-Davidson Combustion range has a more squared-off clip with what looks like a spring in the usual cutout, meant to look like the Springer Fork front of a Harley. They come in a case made to look like a headlight. The colors were:

  • Combustion Black
  • Combustion Grey
  • Combustion Blue